The Sustainable Business Leader award – Nomination Form

Scores will be allocated to different sections on a weighted basis and will add up to a total possible score of 100. The key areas that scores will be allocated to and that should be elaborated on in your application for this category are as follows:

A. Background (10 points): Please explain why and how the company which the nominated person works for has decided to address sustainability within the organisation or through its products/services. Please include a brief profile of your company’s environmental footprint, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (if collected) and a description of what the biggest environmental challenges facing your company are, and/or what the biggest challenges are for the sector your company is providing products/services for.

B. Leadership, culture and governance (20 points): Please outline how the nominated person has demonstrated environmental leadership in their work. This can be through leadership style, impact on company culture, embedding of environmental governance in an organisation, and communicating the company’s environmental message internally or externally.

C. Key Projects (20 points): Please detail any project(s) that demonstrates the nominated person’s environmental leadership, and how the project(s) has further the company’s environmental ambitions and goals.

D. Outcomes and impacts (20 points): Please outline any positive outcomes or measurable impacts delivered as a result of the nominated person. Please include data, graphs, testimony or any other relevant information that demonstrates the measurable sustainability outcomes of the business as driven by the nominated leader. Data from previous years can be included to demonstrate progress, as long as data from the adjudication period is also included. Please ensure any data around carbon intensity improvements is also accompanied by total emissions data. Please ensure any emissions offsets programmes are dealt with separately to actual emissions reductions.

E. Overcoming challenges (20 points): Please outline how the nominated person has identified specific challenges in delivering environmental sustainability for the company, and how he/she has worked to overcome them.

G.  Testimony (10 points): Please include short testimony from at least 3 separate parties, from within or outside the company, citing the reasons why this person should be awarded sustainable business leader in this year’s awards.

The Business Post reserves the right to quality check applications and may be in contact to ask for additional information if necessary