Meet the Judges

The judging panel comprises a panel of Business Post journalists and editors and an independent group of sustainability and business inclusivity experts.

Feljin Jose, Chairperson of Dublin Commuter Coalition 

Feljin Jose is the Chairperson of Dublin Commuter Coalition which is a voluntary group advocating for better sustainable transport in the Greater Dublin Area. He is a regular media contributor on Irish transport policy and projects. He is also doing a PhD on green hydrogen generation through photoelectrochemical water splitting at Dublin City University.

Ellie Donnelly – Senior Business Journalist, Business Post 

Ellie Donnelly is a Senior Business Journalist with the Business Post. As part of her role, she covers a range of topics including retail, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, and agri-business, as well as the issues facing SMEs. Prior to this, she spent five years working as a Business Journalist for the Irish Independent. Ms Donnelly has a Master’s in Public Policy from University College Dublin, a Master’s in International Business from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and a Degree in Business Studies and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin.

Tomás Sercovich – chief executive, Business in the Community Ireland 

Tomás Sercovich  was appointed CEO of Business in the Community Ireland in January 2018. Previously, he was with Spain’s largest sustainability network, Forética as Director of External Affairs, where he increased the international profile of the organisation and its external reputation and impact.He is a member of the Board of CSR Europe since 2008 and is a member of the World Business Council of Sustainable Development.

Lorcan Allen – Business Editor, Business Post  

Lorcan Allen is Business Editor for the Business Post where he leads the paper’s business and financial markets coverage. He also covers corporate sustainability and climate action, with a particular focus on developments in Ireland’s energy and agri-food sectors. In 2020, Lorcan was named Business Journalist of the Year at the 2020 Newsbrands Ireland journalism awards. Before joining the Business Post he served as Agribusiness Editor with the Irish Farmers Journal. He was awarded a Nuffield scholarship in 2017, where he researched how Ireland’s agri-food sector could adopt climate action measures and transition to a more sustainable production system. 


Daniel Murray – Political Correspondent, Business Post  

Daniel Murray is political correspondent for the Business Post. He has traditionally focused his reporting one environmental issues, and has broken many stories in this field. Daniel also hosts Five Degrees of Change, the Business Post’s Energy and Environment podcast, where he speaks with leading experts in the fields of environmental science and climate change about the policy and personal changes they would make for a greener world.

Dr Paul Deane, research fellow at the MaREI Centre in University College Cork

Dr Paul Deane is a research fellow at the MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at UCC. He thinks about the future and how we will heat our homes, fuel our cars, use our land and generate electricity.  He has been involved in the energy industry for approximately 15 years in both commercial and academic research trying to understand the transition to low carbon energy systems from a technical, societal and an economic perspective.

Cara Augustenborg -Environmental Scientist 

Cara Augustenborg is an Irish-American environmental scientist, policy lecturer, and advocate for climate action based in Ireland She is currently an Assistant Professor in Landscape Studies and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin; member of Ireland’s Climate Change Advisory Council; and a member of the President of Ireland’s Council of State. She also hosts the national environmental radio show and podcast “Down to Earth” on Newstalk and serves on the advisory committee of Teagasc’s agri-environmental Signpost programme. 

Ebun Joseph Arogundade – Director in the Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies in UCD 

Dr Ebun Joseph Arogundade is a Nigerian-Irish lecturer, author, and consultant. She is founder and module coordinator of the first Black Studies module in Ireland at University College Dublin. Ebun is an author, TV panellist, Columnist and an equality activist. With a research focus on Labour markets and race relations, she has presented at several conferences, businesses and nonprofits. Ebun is published and contributes regular responses on contemporary issues of race and racism in Ireland.

Elaine Prendeville, editorial director of magazine brands at the Business Post 

Elaine Prendeville is editorial director of magazine brands at the Business Post. A former editor of the Business Post Magazine and Irish Tatler magazine, Elaine has lead responsibility for several awards programmes including the Irish Tatler Women of the Year Awards. She is a board member at Quality Matters, the organisation that helps not-for-profits, social enterprises, charities and state agencies design innovative solutions that make a real impact in the lives of their clients.

Muireann Lynch – Senior Research Officer at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) 

Muireann Lynch is a Senior Research Officer in the Economic Analysis division of the Economic and Social Research Institute. Muireann holds a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in UCD. She has published numerous research articles in diverse areas of energy economics and has co-authored submissions to various public consultations and Government Departments. Muireann is Research Area Coordinator for Energy in the ESRI 

Brian Caulfield – Professor in Transportation, trinity College Dublin 

Caulfield is a Professor in Transportation and Head of Discipline in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. He is also a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. Since joining the Department Prof Caulfield has embarked on an intensive research program addressing global issues such as the environmental impacts of transport and methods to reduce the carbon impacts of transport and in 2017 he addressed the Irish Citizens Assembly on this topic. He recently provided advice to the Climate Change Advisory Council on pathways to decreasing transport emissions by 2030.

Michelle Murphy –  Research and Policy Analyst, Social Justice Ireland  

After working with ACC Loan Management in the early 2000s, Murphy followed her social instincts and did a part-time Master’s degree in social justice and public policy before finding her way to Social Justice Ireland, the think-tank, as a research and policy analyst. Murphy’s work helps to frame the national debate and government policy decisions around social issues in Ireland, with poverty, equality and the environment central to her research.  

Aaron Rogan – Deputy Editor, Business Post 

Aaron Rogan is deputy editor of the Business Post, driving the company’s strategy and editorial content. An award winning journalist who has specialised in business coverage throughout his career, Rogan is also the author of Punters: How Paddy Power Bet Billions and Changed Gambling Forever.  

Peter O’Dwyer – Head of News, Business Post 

Peter O’Dwyer is head of news for the Business Post, managing a diverse newsroom of journalists and steering the paper’s editorial direction every week. An award winning business journalist with experience ranging from Bloomberg to the Irish Examiner, O’Dwyer has a deep understanding of business and the environmental standards they must meet.

Daniel McConnell – Editor, Business Post 

Daniel McConnell is the editor of the Business Post, leading the company’s editorial strategy. A multi-award winning journalist, Daniel was political editor of the Irish Examiner for many years, where he made his reputation as one of Ireland’s foremost political commentators.