Social & Equality Business of the Year – Nomination Form


Scores will be allocated to different sections on a weighted basis and will add up to a total possible score of 100. The key areas that scores will be allocated to and that should be elaborated on in your application for this category are as follows:

A. Background (10 points): Please explain why and how your nominated company has decided to address social, inclusivity or equality issues within the organisation or through its products/services.

B. Governance and reporting (20 points): Please explain how governance practices within the organisation are being used to bring diversity, inclusivity or equality to the forefront of business practice, and how these issues are measured, reported on, and used to drive further plans.

C. Key Projects (20 points): Please outline any projects that have taken place (or continued) within the adjudication period that demonstrate the work being done on social issues in your organisation. These can be internal projects and/or products/services provided by the company that are helping customers pursue similar goals. Please include any relevant data or evidence to support your claims.

D. Outcomes and impacts (20 points): Please outline any positive outcomes or measurable impacts from the company’s overall social and inclusivity efforts. Please include data, graphs, testimony or any other relevant information that demonstrates the measurable outcomes of your company’s internal efforts or products or services.

E. Industry leadership (20 points): Please outline how your company has provided leadership in your industry/sector/community on social and equality issues. This can include initiatives to support others in your sector or your local community through partnerships, publicity campaigns, research or any other pooled efforts, or how your own work has served as an example to others. Any other examples of leadership by your organisation are also welcome.

G.  Plans for the future (10 points): Please outline your company’s medium/long term plans for addressing social issues, highlighting any ambitions or clear goals that have been set by the organisation, and citing any clear roadmaps being used by the company to achieve these goals.

The Business Post reserves the right to quality check applications and may be in contact to ask for additional information if necessary.